As with prior events, Node Summit 2016 will include a fantastic roster of individuals who represent a broad spectrum of companies working with Node.js and within the Node.js ecosystem.

These individuals will share their insights and experience with a focus on real-world challenges and real-world solutions that leverage Node.js. The use of Node.js in large-scale deployments has increased exponentially since the first Node Summit, and the speakers at Node Summit will highlight how significant the impact of Node.js already is and the benefits they have reaped as early adopters.

The individuals who spoke at Node Summit 2015 are included below.

Would you like to be considered for a speaking role at Node Summit 2016? Please fill out a submission form to be added to the roster of potential speakers.

  • ben-acker
    Ben Acker Senior Software Engineer, Walmart

    Ben Acker is a community focused Javascript developer at Walmart, where he Nodes. You’ll find him helping out at conferences, meetups, or building trails in the woods around Washington and Oregon.

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  • scott-anderson
    Scott Anderson Director of Software Engineering, MasterCard Worldwide

    By day, Scott is a Director of Software Engineering at MasterCard Worldwide where he leads a team of developers working on highly-scalable RESTful services and messaging systems. By night (and weekends… sometimes), Scott is a husband, father and an opinionated geek. He has spent the last 4 years hacking on Node.js services an applications which led to him falling in love with JavaScript all over again.

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  • male-sillhoute
    Akhil Arora Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle

    Akhil is a Principal MTS at Oracle. Akhil initiated and led the Avatar.js project – an implementation of node.js that runs on the JVM and uses the Nashorn JavaScript engine for interoperability with Java. Akhil currently works on Oracle’s Node Cloud Service.

  • adam-baldwin
    Adam Baldwin Chief Security Officer, &yet

    Adam Baldwin is the Chief Security Officer at &yet and the Team Lead at ^lift security where he helps developers secure all the web things! He is the Founder of the Node Security Project & talks about node security non-stop. In his free time Adam enjoys doing basically the exact same stuff he does for work, also raising chickens, and spending as much time as possible with his wife and 2 children.

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  • lance-ball
    Lance Ball Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat

    Lance Ball is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat and the creator of Nodyn. He works in the JBoss division as a member of Project Odd, a team of developers working on polyglot OSS research and prototyping. He is a core contributor to DynJS and TorqueBox, a JRuby application server. Previously, Lance maintained the Javascript language modules for Vert.x: mod-lang-rhino, mod-lang-dynjs, and mod-lang-js.

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  • charles-beeler
    Charles Beeler General Partner, Rally Ventures

    Charles has been a venture capitalist for more than 15 years and has focused on early-stage business technology companies throughout his career. In his spare time, Charles produces the Node Summit conference series, which focuses on the evolution and future of web application development. Charles also serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of ACM Queue Magazine and is Chairman of the Board of the Camp Chippewa Foundation, harking back to his many summers as a camper in Minnesota’s Chippewa National Forest.

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  • bert-belder
    Bert Belder Node.js Core Developer, StrongLoop

    Bert Belder has been a Node.js core contributor since 2011 and is one the longest running Node maintainers still active. In 2013 he founded StrongLoop together with fellow core team member Ben Noordhuis. Bert first got involved in open source by doing the Windows port of libuv and has been a leader in the Node community since then.

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  • greg-brail
    Greg Brail Chief Architect, Apigee

    Greg Brail has been part of Apigee since 2007, where he has guided the architecture of the Apigee Edge product, spearheaded Apigee’s Node.js efforts, and performed many other roles. Previously he worked at BEA as technical lead for WebLogic JMS, and kicked off BEA’s ‘Core Engine’ initiative. Greg began his career in the industry with transaction-processing pioneers Transarc, and worked in the lab and in the field at TransactPlus, IBM, and Citibank.

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  • daniel-brain
    Daniel Brain Engineer, PayPal

    Daniel has been an engineer at PayPal since 2012, specializing in Node, Python, and front-end javascript development in Angular and Ember. He helped lead the original team in rebuilding PayPal’s front-tier checkout flows in Node.js in 2013, and the following year led a team in re-architecting the flow into a stateless Node server and Angular app. Daniel’s interests include web security, front-end performance, and big-data.

  • eric-braun
    Eric Braun VP, Global Enterprise & Strategic Partnerships, Joyent

    Eric Braun is the VP of Global Enterprise & Strategic Partnerships at Joyent. From Node’s inception, Eric has traveled the world working with large enterprises, startups and technology vendors on their adoption of Node throughout every stage, from creating the internal business case to achieving operational excellence. Eric’s important early contributions to the Node community include the partnership with Microsoft to port Node to Windows in the name of community expansion.

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  • kelsey-breseman
    Kelsey Breseman Director of Community, Technical Machine

    Kelsey Breseman is Technical Machine’s Director of Community. She received a degree in Neural Engineering from Olin College of Engineering, and has previously been employed as a Community Manager/Artist in Residence at Instructables. She helping people discover new abilities– whether that’s Node, hardware, or writing. She’s committed to creating positive, inclusive communities for learning and creation.

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  • reid-burke
    Reid Burke Senior Software Engineer, Yahoo

    Reid is a Senior Software Engineer at Yahoo. He contributes to the automated build and release system used across the company — and the Node programs that make it all possible.

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  • mathias-buus
    Mathias Buus Open Source Developer, dat

    Mathias is a Node.js hacker from Copenhagen, Denmark. He is a core contributor to the open data project, dat and tends to write a bunch of npm modules whenever he has time. Recently he’s been working a lot with new ways of replicating of single purpose databases using leveldb and other mad science projects.


  • sean-byrnes
    Sean Byrnes Founder, Flurry

    Sean is the Founder of Flurry (http://flurry.com), the leader in advertising and analytics services for mobile applications (acquired by Yahoo! in 2014). When he is not investing in or mentoring early stage technology companies, Sean authors machine learning modules for Node (https://github.com/sbyrnes). He earned an undergraduate engineering degree from Dartmouth College and a Master of Engineering in Computer Science from Cornell University with a focus on machine learning.

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  • niamh-cahill
    Niamh Cahill Advisor, Solution Strategy, CA Technology

    Niamh is a customer solution architect with CA Technologies, focusing on Infrastructure, application & service management. Niamh has worked across the pharmaceutical, financial services & telecommunications/mobile wireless industries building performance data and monitoring solutions. She enjoys using Node to rapidly prototype new ideas and solutions, feeding collaboration both within CA and with customers. Nirvana is a happy customer! Niamh enjoys skiing, mountain biking, long distance running and playing with code of all kinds.

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  • bryan-cantrill1
    Bryan Cantrill CTO, Joyent

    Bryan Cantrill is CTO at Joyent, where he oversees worldwide development of the SmartOS and SmartDataCenter platforms. Prior to joining Joyent, Bryan served as a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he spent over a decade working on system software. He co-designed and implemented DTrace, a facility for dynamic instrumentation of production systems that won the Wall Street Journal’s top Technology Innovation Award in 2006 and the USENIX Software Tools User Group Award in 2008.

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  • lin-clark
    Lin Clark Dev Star, npm

    Lin Clark is the Dev Star at npm, Inc. Prior to npm, she worked as a technical lead on a team of developers and also as a core module maintainer on a large open source CMS. She also contributed to many open source projects and was involved in W3C standardization efforts. Together these experiences sparked the passion for good team development practices which inspired this talk.

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  • matteo-collina
    Matteo Collina Architect, nearForm

    Matteo is a code pirate and mad scientist. In may 2014 he defended his Ph.D. thesis titled “Application Platforms for the Internet of Things”. Now he is a Software Architect at nearForm, working on the nscale deployer. Matteo is also the author of the Node.js MQTT Broker, Mosca and of the LevelGraph database. Matteo spoke at several international conferences: Nodeconf.eu, LXJS, Distill by Engine Yard, and JsDay to name a few.

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  • stephen-commisso
    Stephen Commisso Senior Software Engineer, GoDaddy

    Stephen is a software engineer at GoDaddy OC. He has worked on the GoDaddy Website Builder product for the last two years, and has worked on migrating portions of the application from Microsoft.NET and Microsoft SQL Server, to Node.js and Cassandra. In addition to his work at GoDaddy, he has a decade of experience working with the Microsoft.NET platform, within the healthcare and financial industries.

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  • adam-crabtree
    Adam Crabtree Founder, CEO, Noderiety

    Adam Crabtree is the Founder and CEO of Noderiety, which provides enterprise node.js training through a 6-week curriculum. He has been a node.js developer since v0.1.10 and deploying in production since v0.1.101. A node.js and JavaScript community supporter, Adam is the founder of DallasJS; DallasNode, the 1st outside of San Francisco; and BayNode, the 3rd largest in the world. Adam has deployed node.js at over 8 companies including LinkedIn, HP Palm webOS and RedRobot.

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  • chetan-desai
    Chetan Desai DevOps Architect, Intuit

    Chetan leads the build and deployment architecture for Intuit’s Consumer Tax Group. The DevOps group enables product teams to focus on delivering awesome features to our customers while humming on a fast & reliable build & deployment systems. Chetan loves the thrill of different problems to solve everyday in an environment of changing technologies. He has most recently been focused on Node.js and highl- scalable, highly-reliable AWS deployment architectures.

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  • brendan_eich BW
    Brendan Eich JavaScript Creator

    Brendan Eich is widely recognized for his enduring contributions to the Internet revolution. In 1995, Eich invented JavaScript (ECMAScript), the Internet’s most widely used programming language. He also co-founded the mozilla.org project in 1998, serving as chief architect. Eich helped launch the award winning Firefox Web browser in November 2004, restarting browser competition and client-based web standards including HTML5. He served longest at Mozilla as CTO, then also as SVP Engineering, and ultimately as CEO.

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  • peter-elger
    Peter Elger Director, Engineering, nearForm

    Peter Elger is Director of Engineering with nearForm, a Node.js consultancy that builds large-scale micro-service systems. Formerly a nuclear physicist with the JET fusion research project, Peter has been Co-Founder and CTO of two companies prior to nearForm. He is a contributor to several open source projects including nscale, a micro service deployment and monitoring tool kit and holds degrees in theoretical physics and computer science.

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  • jamund-ferguson
    Jamund Ferguson UI Engineer, PayPal

    Jamund Ferguson is a FullStack UI Engineer at PayPal. He helps his team develop best practices for both node.js and client-side frameworks and loves talking about JavaScript. He is also an active contributor to several open source projects including Kraken-js and ESLint.

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  • jacob-groundwater
    Jacob Groundwater Senior Software Engineer, New Relic

    Jacob is an engineer on the New Relic Product Research team. He loves bringing JavaScript and node to new places. He started the NodeOS project, with the goal of creating a modular Linux userland using npm, and in his spare time hacks on RuntimeJS a bare-metal v8 engine that runs JavaScript in the kernel. He loves pushing boundaries, and making technology accessible to new audiences.


  • adron-hall
    Adron Hall Software Developer, Thrashing Code

    I’m a jovial, proactive, test & code, code & test, get things done well, software architect, engineer, code monkey, coder, and distributed systems advocate. I go by the title of “Coder, Messenger, Recon” as it seems to encompass what I do.

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  • eran-hammer
    Eran Hammer Director of Node Services, Walmart

    Eran Hammer is the Director of Node Services at Walmart, leading the development of node.js based retail services and analytics. Previously Director of Web Standards at Yahoo! and co-author of the OAuth protocol. In 2007 Eran founded Nouncer, a social content distribution startup after working at Citibank as VP of Engineering for the derivatives market making business. In 1994 Eran founded ‘A Different Stage’, one of the first online publisher for short prose.

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  • jeff-harrell
    Jeff Harrell Director, Engineering, PayPal

    Jeff leads business engineering architecture at PayPal, focusing on their payments and merchant-based products. He was instrumental in moving PayPal over to a node.js ecosystem and is passionate about pushing the envelope with other modern technologies to bring exciting new products and experiences to users. Both at work and in his own time Jeff can be found using and contributing to both the node.js and open source communities.

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  • ariya-hidayat
    Ariya Hidayat VP, Engineering, Shape Security

    Ariya Hidayat (@ariyahidayat), currently working for Shape Security, is a passionate engineer interested in bleeding-edge technologies. He is known the author of PhantomJS and Esprima. These days, his focus is mostly on software craftsmanship around web technologies.

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  • jafar-husain
    Jafar Husain Cross Team UI Tech Lead, Netflix

    Jafar Husain is the Cross-Team Technical Lead for the Netflix UI’s. He is the architect of Netflix’s UI data platform, and specializes in building reactive, event-driven systems. A highly-rated speaker, he has spoken at QCon, HTML Dev Conf, QCon, CodeMesh and given Channel 9 interviews. He has also trained hundreds of developers to build event-driven systems in JS. He is the Netflix representative on the JavaScript standards committee and is actively working to evolve JavaScript.


  • aarthi-jayaram
    Aarthi Jayaram Senior Engineering Manager, LinkedIn

    Aarthi Jayaram is currently a Senior Engineering Manager and leading the LinkedIn Mobile Flagship Application Development. At LinkedIn she made significant contributions to the previous and current versions of iOS, Android, Touch Web and Mobile Server (Node.js) as a technical lead, and engineer. She has a Master’s in Computer Science from University of Kentucky and a Bachelor’s in Information Technology from Osmania University, India for which she received a University Gold Medal for academic excellence.

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  • william-kapke
    William Kapke Director, Engineering, Shyp

    William Kapke is a node enthusiast who has led application development in both startup and corporate environments. Up until recently he was at Tinder, which he joined to help scale the popular mobile dating app’s Node.js backend. He is currently serving as Director of Engineering at SF-based startup Shyp. He’s been writing Javascript for 15 years, including a long stint at music site MySpace, where he led the charge to convert the site to Node.js.

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  • shubhra-kar
    Shubhra Kar Director, Products and Education, StrongLoop

    Shubhra spends his days working with large Node.js applications in production at big retail, banking and fortune 500 companies. Before joining StrongLoop he was a principal architect at CA and Wily Technology where he endured hundreds of Java/J2EE performance problems before realizing life would be better in JavaScript. Shubhra is an accomplished speaker who has delivered keynotes on API development, DevOps and Node.js best practices at MidwestJS, ConnectJS, HTML5DevConf, QCon and numerous community meetups.

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  • yehuda-katz
    Yehuda Katz Co-Founder, Tilde

    Yehuda Katz is a member of the Ember.js and Rust Core Teams, and a retired Rails and jQuery Core Team member. His 9-to-5 home is at the startup he founded, Tilde Inc.. There he works on Skylight, the smart profiler for Rails, and does Ember.js consulting. He’s best known for his open source work, which also includes projects like Thor, Handlebars and Bundler. He travels the world doing open source evangelism and web standards work.


  • charlie-key2
    Charlie Key Sr. Director, Modulus

    Charlie Key is Co-Founder of Modulus, a premier Node.js hosting solution recently acquired by Progress Software. He has spent the last seven years working in the software industry, where he has created over a dozen production websites and applications for many of the world’s largest brands. Throughout his career Charlie has founded 3 companies (2 have been acquired), built dozens of software products and enterprise web applications, and led a business unit at public company.

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  • vinay-kumar
    Vinay Kumar Distinguished Architect, Intuit

    Vinay is the architect of TurboTax Online at Intuit in San Diego. He loves building products that customers love, scalable and available systems, and an environment where developers can thrive. He’s leading the technology evolution of TurboTax into a services architecture, and leading the adoption of node within Intuit.

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  • alex-liu
    Alex Liu Senior UI Engineer, Netflix

    Alex is a front end engineer that is passionate about building great user experiences on the open web stack. While he has spent his entire career building JavaScript applications on the desktop, browser, and server, he is still continually surprised by all the new and creative ways in which the community leverages JavaScript. Alex is presently a Senior UI Engineer at Netflix, and spends most of his time working in Node.js.

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  • hunter-loftis
    Hunter Loftis Node.js Platform Owner, Heroku

    Hunter is a full-stack JavaScript junkie who owns the Node.js platform at Heroku. When not maintaining the buildpack, he writes about playful JavaScript at playfuljs.com.

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  • steven-loomis
    Steven Loomis Senior Software Engineer, IBM

    Steven R. Loomis, with IBM’s Global Foundations Technology Team for nearly 20 years, is IBM’s Technical Lead for the International Components for Unicode for C/C++ (ICU4C) and primary representative to Unicode. He previously developed web service adapter and email frameworks at Taligent (then an IBM subsidiary) and his hobbies include Maltese language advocacy. Recently, he has been working on improving globalization support in node.js.

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  • thorsten-lorenz
    Thorsten Lorenz Senior Software Engineer, NodeSource

    Thorsten is a Jazz musician turned developer and is excited about Node.js and its community. The fast turnaround from idea to working module has proven addictive for him and led to lots of modules which ended up on github and/or npm. Lately he has been focusing on understanding the Node.js stack in more depth, focusing on libuv and v8.


  • luca-maraschi
    Luca Maraschi Platform Architect, IceMobile

    Luca Maraschi is Platform Architect at IceMobile, focused on innovating shoppers digital loyalty. His expertise varies from designing enterprise architecture to designing programming languages, bringing innovation with a touch of craziness. Active sustainer of open-source and bleeding edge technologies, he was attracted by node.js from 0.2.0. He enjoys his free time playing golf, kite-surfing and snowboarding.

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  • peter-marton
    Péter Márton Co-Founder, CTO, RisingStack

    Peter Marton is the Co-Founder of RisingStack, a Node.js consulting and training company that helps transition from monolithic systems to micro-service based solutions. Peter loves open-source and thinks it has a place in the enterprise world as well, that’s why he enjoys working with Hapi or React. In his free time he brews his own beer with a Node.js-powered IoT brewing machine or blogging about the future of JavaScript. Co-organizer of One-Shot Budapest and JSConfBP.

    CONNECT WITH PéTER: twitter

  • joe-mccann
    Joe McCann CEO, NodeSource

    Joe McCann is the Co-Founder/CEO of NodeSource. With more than 14 years of web, mobile and software development experience, Joe has worked with myriad Fortune 500 companies helping them build real products. From being a techno DJ to working on Wall Street, Joe’s perspective he brings to technology is rather unique. Joe is a frequent speaker on the global conference circuit, actively promoting emerging technologies and relevant business use cases to bring pragmatism to futurism.

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  • jon-mckay
    Jon McKay CEO, Technical Machine

    Jon McKay graduated from Olin College of Engineering in 2013 with a degree in computer engineering. Since graduating, he has co-founded Technical Machine – a company building developer tools that merge the previously disparate worlds of embedded hardware and web development. The first product of the company is an open-source hardware platform called Tessel. Tessel is the first Node.js-compatible, JavaScript programmable microcontroller that empowers a whole new audience of web developers start building hardware.

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  • bradley-meck1
    Bradley Meck Software Engineer, NodeSource

    Bradley is a Software Engineer at NodeSource who specializes in system software. The main focus of his work is on adding both reliability and ease of use to systems. His interests for software are varied; but mainly focus upon redundancy, networking, accessibility, and algorithms for distributed data. Current efforts to apply these interests have led to work on organizing efforts on the Node debugger and creating a specification for application distribution.


  • kuassi-mensah
    Kuassi Mensah Director Product Management, Oracle

    Kuassi Mensah is Director of Product Management at Oracle Corporation, looking at: (i) Java features for the Oracle database (Java in the database. (ii) Hadoop features for the Oracle database: In-Database Container for Hadoop, Table Access for Hadoop (iii) JavaScript and Node.js for Oracle Database using Nashorn/Avatar.js. Mr Mensah graduates MS/CS from the Programming Institute (Paris VI). He is a frequent speaker at IT events and published several articles and a book @ http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1555583296

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  • jordan-novet
    Jordan Novet Staff Writer, VentureBeat

    Jordan Novet is a VentureBeat staff writer based in San Francisco. He writes about big data, cloud computing, and other technology for business. He previously covered those things at Gigaom.


  • micheal-o-foghlu1
    Mícheál Ó Foghlú CTO, FeedHenry by Red Hat

    Mícheál was the Co-Founder and CTO of FeedHenry which was acquired by Red Hat in October 2014. Prior to that he was Executive Director Research at the TSSG, a large R&D Center in Waterford Institute of Technology. He is passionate about enterprise mobility, scripting languages, and next generation networking architectures.

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  • travell-perkins
    Travell Perkins CTO, Fidelity

    Travell is a CTO at Fidelity Investments and is a leading evangelist for wide spread adoption of Node.js within the organization. He delivered Fidsafe, a virtual safe deposit box to market for the organization and is now applying Node and other Javascript technologies to more core offerings. Travell has over 10 years of experience building systems for financial services. Travell holds a B.S. in Comp Sci from MIT and a M.S. in Business from BU.

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  • scott-persinger
    Scott Persinger Senior Engineering Director, Heroku

    Scott Persinger is a Senior Director in the Engineering group at Heroku. He created the Heroku Connect data synchronization product as part of Cloudconnect.com which was acquired by Salesforce in 2013. Scott also created Heroku’s HTML5 + Node based mobile reference architecture. He was formerly VP Engineering at Showyou and a Senior Architect at webMethods. Over twenty years he has built multiple products for the enterprise, consumer internet and consumer mobile markets.

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  • tony-pujals
    Tony Pujals Founder, CEO, NodeRocket

    Tony is fanatical about APIs, distributed systems, scalable cloud architecture, and of course, Node. He is leading the development of a microservice framework for an enterprise company that plans to open source it shortly, has been involved in the development of several Node-based PaaS platforms, and is currently building a new one based on Docker. He is an organizer for BayNode and host for the monthly Node nights at Hacker Dojo.

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  • scott-rahner
    Scott Rahner Engineering Productivity Lead, Dow Jones

    Scott has been a web developer, lead, and architect for over 10 years, most of that time spent creating apis, libraries, and frameworks. His current role at Dow Jones is focused on building automated deployment pipelines and e2e testing strategies. He has been writing production apps in node since 0.4.5 and toying with it even longer. The rest of his time is spent with his two little girls and amazing wife, or skiing, or both.


  • sameera-rao
    Sameera Rao Sr. Manager, Business Products Engineering, PayPal

    Sameera leads Engineering for Business Products at PayPal. Sameera was one of the engineers who worked on OpenRico, one of the first javascript frameworks. He then went on to build web 2.0 versions of Yahoo! frontpage and My Yahoo! After Yahoo, Sameera joined Attributor as the first applications engineer, where he laid the technology foundation, built the team and Attributor suite of products. He joined PayPal in 2012 around the time Attributor got acquired.

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  • charlie-robbins
    Charlie Robbins Founder, CEO, Nodejitsu

    Charlie Robbins is the Founder and CEO of Nodejitsu. An open source enthusiast, he is the creator of the EmpireJS and EmpireNode conferences in New York City and the author of many popular Node.js modules such as forever, winston, nconf, and node-http-proxy. Before falling in love with Node.js & Javascript he was a developer in the enterprise software world, where he worked for Microsoft and consulted at many large financial institutions.

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  • emily-rose
    Emily Rose Senior Software Engineer, Spark IO

    Hardware art, some kind of awkward unicorn. with queer in love. @teh_natasha; and computing, inspiring bizarre speaking. Interactive public ubiquitous hacking


  • issac-roth
    Issac Roth Co-Founder, Products Officer, StrongLoop

    At StrongLoop Issac leads product strategy focusing on enterprise Node and API use cases with global enterprises. He also coordinates StrongLoop’s efforts in Node.js, Express, LoopBack, Io.js, node-forward and other node projects and serves on the Node Advisory Board. Before StrongLoop Issac created and led Red Hat’s OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service, led an application management business unit at CA, Inc, and was an early engineer at Wily Technology and Cisco Systems.

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  • tim-ryan
    Tim Ryan Co-Founder, Engineer, Technical Machine

    Tim Ryan is a fan of tiny systems. He got started programming on the Commodore 64 and with the Internet with AOL 3.0. Out of his hobbies of compiler writing and vintage video game programming came his role in co-founding Technical Machine, creating new ways to make embedded development easy, exciting, and possible to people who love to code.

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  • chris-saintamant
    Chris Saint-Amant Manager, UI Engineering, Netflix

    Chris is a technology leader and software architect with over 15 years of consulting and product development experience. With broad expertise across design and engineering, he has done everything from user interface design to web/mobile development and service integration. At Netflix, Chris leads the UI engineering team responsible for the web platform, as well as growth and acquisition. Previously, he worked on the architecture and UI platform teams at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Online.

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  • theo-schlossnagle2
    Theo Schlossnagle CEO, Circonus

    Theo founded OmniTI, which has established itself as the go-to source for organizations facing today’s most challenging scalability problems. He also founded Message Systems redefining performance and flexibility for email infrastructure. Theo is the author of Scalable Internet Architectures (Sams) and a frequent speaker at worldwide IT conferences. Theo is a computer scientist in every respect. Theo is a member of the IEEE. He serves on the editoral board of the ACM’s Queue Magazine.

    CONNECT WITH THEO: twitter

  • isaac-schlueter
    Isaac Schlueter CEO, npm

    Isaac bears the proud distinction of being one of the earliest Node users, having joined the IRC channel before Ryan Dahl’s pivotal 2009 JSConf EU talk. Fed up with complex interoperability, he built a package manager. He has spent much of his career backwards engineering parsing protocols in to JavaScript, and now serves as the CEO of npm, Inc, and sits on every Node-related committee, longing for the days when he coded for a living.

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  • fred-schott
    Fred K. Schott Software Engineer, Box

    Fred Schott enjoys a glass of wine, long walks on the beach. and building a faster web. At Box he leads the mobile web & accessibility team to reimagine a smarter, more modular front-end architecture powered by Node. Fred has spent the last few years sharing Node.js design patterns and best practices with the world, and last year launched thenodeway.io to catalog and codify what it actually means to build Node.js applications.

    CONNECT WITH FRED: twitter

  • glenn-scott
    Glenn Scott Product Development, Creative Artists Agency

    Glenn Scott manages the product development group at Creative Artists Agency, a global media, sports, and entertainment company. Glenn’s areas of focus include developing in-house software capability, open source, cloud architecture, and the unique design challenges involved in building IT departments that work like software companies. Prior to CAA Glenn held several executive positions within Microsoft’s enterprise consulting, support, and developer marketing groups; before Microsoft Glenn managed information technology groups at the University of California.

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  • daniel-shaw
    Dan Shaw Co-Founder, CEO, NodeSource

    Dan Shaw is Co-Founder of NodeSource, the enterprise Node.js software company, and is dedicated to helping improve and expand the Node Community. He is a veteran of numerous Node.js startups including Voxer, Spreecast and Storify. Dan has extensive experience building large-scale, realtime systems with Node.js and has been building production services using Node since v0.2. Dan is a frequent speaker, host of the NodeUp podcast and organizer of events like NodeBots Day, SFNode and NodeBotsSF.

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  • aaron-silvas
    Aaron Silvas Software Architect, GoDaddy

    A technologist with over 17 years product development experience, Aaron thrives on solving very difficult problems with the simplest of solutions. Having designed and developed dozens of systems from cradle to grave, ranging from web applications and services, to manufacture automation, to mission critical telecommunications systems, Aaron brings as much product and industry know-how to the job as he does software expertise.

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  • antonio-silveira
    Antonio Silveira VP Engineering, GoDaddy

    Antonio Silveira is VP of Engineering for GoDaddy’s Presence and Commerce division, responsible for DIY online presence solutions for Small Businesses. Antonio has over 15 years of experience building highly scalable Internet products that has reached hundreds of millions of users. Prior to GoDaddy, Antonio was Engineering Director at Yahoo, leading projects like Yahoo Mail and Messenger. Currently leading a major stack transition at GoDaddy using NodeJS and NoSQL.

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  • cj-silverio
    CJ Silverio Director, Engineering, npm

    C J Silverio has worked for many Silicon Valley startups, writing everything from smart cellphone apps to high-performance servers to user interface design to web apps, with a recent focus on node.js services. She currently leads dev/ops for npm Inc.

    CONNECT WITH CJ: twitter linkedin

  • ryan-stevens
    Ryan Stevens Principal Consultant, NodeSource

    Ryan began his career building enterprise core systems to run banks and credit unions. It was there Ryan helped implement a rules engine using the Rhino JavaScript runtime and saw the power of running JavaScript on the server. When Ryan started building complex Node.js applications he knew JavaScript had found a home outside of the browser. As a seasoned Engineering Manager, Ryan is passionate about optimizing a team’s workflow around the strengths of Node.js.

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  • gord-tanner
    Gord Tanner Co-Founder, CTO, bitHound

    Gord Tanner brings over 10 years of experience in software development and big data analytics. Before bitHound, Gord was a part of tinyHippos (acquired by BlackBerry in 2011) as well as the creator of the Ripple Emulator– donated to the Apache Foundation and used today by Microsoft, Intel, Adobe and over 250K developers. Gord is now CTO at bitHound, a software analytics solution, helping JavaScript developers build remarkable, resilient software projects.

    CONNECT WITH GORD: twitter linkedin

  • al-tsang
    Al Tsang CTO, StrongLoop

    Al Tsang is a Co-Founder and CTO of StrongLoop where he is the lead architect of LoopBack, an open source Node.js framework for creating enterprise APIs and applications, in addition to leading product direction and development. Al was formerly VP of Architecture and Platform Engineering at Shutterfly where he built Shutterfly’s next generation high scalability platform. Al later also led eCommerce engineering and was responsible for the online capabilities powering over $500M in revenue.

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  • manish-vachharajani
    Manish Vachharajani Senior Architect, Founder LineRate, F5 Networks

    Manish is a Senior Architect at F5 Networks responsible for the LineRate products and Node.js programmability across F5. Manish came to F5 when it acquired LineRate Systems, a company he co-founded in 2008. Prior to LineRate, Manish studied software performance in a range of fields including optimizing compilers, on-chip optics, performance modeling, parallel programming, and high-performance networking. His work has been recognized by various awards and support from industry leaders such as Intel and NVIDIA.

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  • raquel-velez
    Raquel Vélez Lead Developer, Web Team, npm

    Raquel Vélez is a Senior Software Developer and Lead of the Web Team at npm, Inc. in Oakland, CA. She has previously worked at institutions such as Caltech, NASA JPL, the MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and various universities in Europe. In her off time, you can find her baking, teaching NodeBots not to fall off of tables, and speaking. Also, hanging out with her hilarious husband and two cats dressed in dog suits.


  • poornima-venkatakrishnan
    Poornima Venkatakrishnan Member of Techical Staff, PayPal

    Poornima is a web application engineer at Paypal Inc. Previously, a mobile applications engineer @ Palm.Inc, working on webOS, got her introduced to early node.js. She loved javascript and the idea of javascript on the server side and continued to pursue down that lane. She is currently a part of the team that open sourced krakenjs (www.krakenjs.com) and is an active contributor/ maintainer. When not coding, she is a proud mom of a toddler :)


  • sri-viswanath1
    Sri Viswanath CTO, Engineering, Groupon

    Sri Viswanath has been Groupon’s Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations since April 2013. Prior to joining Groupon, he served as VP of research and development for mobile computing at VMWare. Prior to VMWare, he was SVP of Engineering at Glam Media and general manager of its publisher products group. Sri received his Bachelor’s Degree from Bangalore University in India, his Masters in Computer Science from Clemson, and Masters in Management from Stanford.

  • steven-zeiler
    Steven Zeiler Software Architect, Ripple Labs

    Steven is a cryptographer, a technologist, polyglot and passionate entrepreneur. A long-time alternative currency enthusiast and software engineer, Steven ventured from Liberty Coin to Gold and Silver Bullion to Bitcoin before discovering Ripple and joining Ripple Labs. He has published and maintains dozens of Node.js modules related to digital currencies such as Ripple, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin. Steven is building the distributed app platform Codius in Node.js with the team at Ripple Labs.

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