Node Summit 2013 features speakers including application developers, device makers, data center providers, network operators, platform creators and leading innovators. These individuals will share insights and experiences with real-world challenges and real-world solutions that leverage Node.js.

  • ghafran-abbas
    Ghafran Abbas Chief Systems Architect, SocialRadar

    Ghafran is the Co-founder and Chief Systems Architect at SocialRadar. He has been focusing on building location based mobile apps and the cross-platform APIs in Node.js. SocialRadar is building a platform that provides real-time information about who is around you and how your connected with them.

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  • ben-acker
    Ben Acker Senior Software Engineer, Walmart

    An advocate of open source and community involvement, Ben Acker spends most of his time writing Node.js for Walmart from a house way out in the woods. When not hacking for the man, he spends his time teaching kids at his house to love Javascript.

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  • joseph-addiego
    Joseph Addiego Partner, Alsop Louie Partners

    Prior to joining Alsop Louie Partners, Joe was an investment partner at In-Q-Tel. Prior to that, Joe was the Executive VP of Marketing and Sales for Talarian through its IPO. Joe was the CEO of TakeFive Software, a development tools company. He also spent 14 years growing Integrated Systems Inc., and later Wind River Systems, from a start-up to a $400 million NASDAQ traded company where he held a variety of positions, including CEO.

  • sunil-agrawal
    Sunil Agrawal CTO, Armor5

    Sunil Agrawal is the CTO of Armor5, creator of Zero Touch BYOD for Enterprise Mobile Security. He has been in the security industry for over 15 years having worked in large corporations and startups like Adobe, Motorola Mobility, Google and Cranite. Sunil enjoys creating security solutions that are easy to use and is always looking for the next thing to secure. While not at Armor5, Sunil enjoys hiking with his kids, Parisa and Ishaan.

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  • scott-anderson
    Scott Anderson Director of Software Engineering, MasterCard Worldwide

    By day, Scott is a Director of Software Engineering at MasterCard Worldwide where he leads a team of developers working on highly-scalable RESTful services and messaging systems. By night (and weekends… sometimes), Scott is a husband, father and an opinionated geek. He has spent the last 3 years hacking on Node.js services an applications which led to him falling in love with JavaScript all over again.

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  • luke-arduini
    Luke Arduini Software Engineer, Yahoo

    Luke is a software engineer working on Node.js package management at Yahoo. He believes utilization of and active participation in open-source software is critical to the success of companies of all sizes.

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  • rob-auston
    Rob Auston Founder, Auckland Outdoors

    Rob believes that the outdoor experiences and memories you create are far more valuable than the gear you own. Prior to Auckland Outdoors, he focused on IT strategy and architecture at Accenture, Exclusive Resorts, and Vail Resorts. He graduated from the University of Michigan and resides in Denver, CO. He recently completed the Chicago and New York City marathons and prefers meeting for a run or ride over PowerPoint presentations.

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  • adam-baldwin
    Adam Baldwin Team Lead, ^Lift Security

    Adam is a father, husband, and hacker of web apps. He is the team lead at ^Lift Security where he has advised the likes of GitHub, 37signals, and AT&T on web application and API security. He is also CSO at &yet and the organizer of the Node Security Project.

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  • charles-beeler
    Charles Beeler General Partner, Icon Venture Partners

    Charles co-founded Icon Venture Partners in 2012. Throughout 16 year career in venture capital he has focused on early-stage enterprise technology companies with a primary focus on infrastructure and systems (the hard stuff) and continues this investment focus at Icon. In his spare time, Charles co-produces the Node Summit Conference series and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of ACM Queue Magazine.


  • bert-belder
    Bert Belder Node Core developer, Strongloop

    Having been programming since he was a little kid, Bert got involved with open source when he started to port node.js to Windows. It got him the core contributor badge, and he hasn’t left the project since. Earlier this year Bert founded his company StrongLoop together with long-term node maintainer Ben Noordhuis in an effort to help node reach world domination.

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  • sam-bisbee
    Sam Bisbee CXO, Cloudant

    Sam is a developer, entrepreneur, and expert on distributed systems. He spends his time writing code and making sure both customers and partners are getting the most out of Cloudant.

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  • greg-brail
    Greg Brail Chief Architect, Apigee

    In six years at Apigee, Greg helps guide the architecture of all its products. Recently he led the architecture of its latest-generation API platform, and he worked with customers of all sizes as Apigee entered and thrived in the API market. Previously, he worked at BEA as technical lead for WebLogic JMS, at TransactPlus, IBM, Transarc, and Citibank. Greg is also an author of the O’Reilly book, “APIs: A Strategy Guide.”

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  • joel-brandt
    Joel Brandt Senior Research Scientist, Adobe

    Joel is a researcher at Adobe, where he works on tools to make developers’ lives easier. Recently, he’s been actively involved in Brackets (an open source code editor), Theseus (a new JavaScript debugger), and Generator (a new Node-based extensibility layer for Photoshop). He also likes baking bread and riding bikes.

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  • domingos-bruges
    Domingos Bruges CTO and Co-Founder, Muzzley

    Muzzley CTO and Co-Founder. Strong technology background and devoted entrepreneur focused on research and disruption. What others may call laziness he calls effectiveness. Always looking for the least cost, efficient and fast way to do something, even if it takes to accept some risks. That’s what his newest project is for. A simple idea, a great technology that connects and provides interaction experiences between humans and machines.

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  • jason-campbell
    Jason Campbell CFO and Software Developer, Opal

    Jason Campbell is a co-founder of Opal, a privacy focused startup. He is one of two developers working on Opal’s Node.js backend and JS based front-end client. Before starting Opal, he worked at OKCupid Labs and Spire.io.

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  • bryan-cantrill
    Bryan Cantrill SVP of Engineering, Joyent

    Bryan Cantrill is the SVP of Engineering at Joyent, where he oversees worldwide development of the SmartOS and SmartDataCenter platforms, and the Node.js platform. Prior to joining Joyent, Bryan served as a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he worked on system software and co-designed and implemented DTrace. Bryan also co-founded the Fishworks group at Sun.Bryan received the ScB magna cum laude with honors in Computer Science from Brown University.

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  • mark-cavage
    Mark Cavage Software Engineer, Joyent

    Mark Cavage is a Software Engineer at Joyent, where he leads the Manta Storage Service team as well as several other distributed systems. Additionally, Mark maintains several popular Node.js open source projects, such as restify and ldapjs. Prior to joining Joyent, Mark was a Senior Software Engineer with Amazon Web Services, where he was primarily responsible for envisioning and launching the AWS Identity and Access Management product.

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  • ed-cudahy
    Edward Cudahy Director, Platform Engineering, Conde Nast

    Ed has spent over 15 years working in a variety of industries and companies using technology to build great products. He has settled into NYC over the last 6 years and has enjoyed the growing tech community in an amazing city. Over the last year he has led the efforts to build a new software platform for Conde Nast using node.js and enjoys spending hours in spirited debates with his team.

  • jai-das
    Jai Das Managing Director, SAP Ventures

    I am looking for the next-generation, iconic start-up focused on Cloud computing, Analytics or Mobility. I also lead SAP Ventures’ investment activities in India where I am looking for growth stage private companies that are building on the proliferation of mobile-internet savvy Indian consumers. My current investments include Alteryx, Apigee, Box, Five9, JasperSoft, MuleSoft, Mirantis, Narrative Science, One97, and Splashtop. My recent exits include Control4 (CTRL), ExactTarget (CRM), JustDial (JUSTDIAL), MySQL (ORCL) and Tealeaf (IBM).

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  • jigar-desai
    Jigar Desai Senior Director, Platforms, eBay

    Jigar is leading Platforms at eBay, Inc that power both eBay and PayPal websites. For most part of the last decade, he has developed distributed systems that scale for large trafficked sites like eBay. After developing in Java for years, he has found a new ally in node.js. He is very passionate about empowering developers through polyglot platforms and enabling continuous delivery with Platform as a Service offerings on cloud.


  • jeroen-de-smet
    Jeroen De Smet Founder, Planza

    Jeroen De Smet is the founder of www.planza.com, a single page HTML5 web application, released in June 2013. De Smet is also co-founder of www.oneliner.be, a leading Belgian top 20 translation agency. A native of Belgium, De Smet obtained two Master’s degrees at Ghent University (International Economics + Development Cooperation), after which he worked in Asia (mostly India) for over a year.

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  • daniel-docter
    Daniel Docter Managing Director, EMC Ventures

    Joined EMC Ventures in April 2013. Current investment focus is big data (analytics, security, mgmt, federation), cloud infrastructure (mgmt and orchestration, SDN, Open Source), and storage. Spent 12+ years at Intel Capital; focused on enterprise infrastructure and communications. Select investments include BigSwitch Networks, Virident, Tier 3, Switch Comm., Passave, Stratalight, E2O, Overture Networks, and Kasenna

  • jd-duncan
    J.D. Duncan Software Engineer, MySQL Cluster, Oracle

    J.D. Duncan has been using MySQL since the late 1990′s and joined MySQL AB in 2004. He’s currently a developer on the MySQL Cluster team at Oracle, specializing in NoSQL APIs including Memcache and Node.JS. He lives near San Francisco.

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  • nicholas-elbaze
    Nicolas El Baze Partner, Partech Ventures

    Nicolas focuses on early stage opportunities in Software. Prior to Partech, Nicolas was a co-founder of several VC-funded companies: Softway International (ITway), Softway Systems (Microsoft), and ISDnet (Cable & Wireless). Nicolas also lead the incubation of several successful start-ups in the U.S. and Europe including: RightPoint (E.piphany), MultiMania (IPO), and LibertySurf (IPO). His investments include: Meiosys (IBM), Akimbi Systems (VMware), Pantero (Progress Software), ClearApp (Oracle), Q-Layer (Sun Microsystems), Atlantis Computing, Getinsured.com, and Rockyou.

  • ryan-floyd
    Ryan Floyd Partner, Storm Ventures

    Ryan is a founding Managing Director of Storm Ventures. At Storm Ventures, Ryan focuses on enterprise IT and web opportunities. He primarily invested in SaaS (Crowd Factory / Acquired by Marketo, BlackStratus), mobile (Appcelerator) and cloud/internet related investments (Hubpages, Kidaro/Acquired by Microsoft, MetaCloud, Spalshtop and Swiftstack). He also invested in semiconductors/components as well (SandForce /Acquired by LSI and Ignis Optics /Acquired by Bookham). Ryan received his B.S. and M.S. in Earth Systems from Stanford University.

  • tj-fontaine
    TJ Fontaine Node.js Core Contributor, Joyent

    TJ Fontaine is a Node.js core contributor at Joyent and is responsible for Node.js’ continuous integration and release management. He has been using Node since the 0.4 days to create a pure JavaScript DNS stack, a way to dynamically generate ffi bindings, and create a C API for binary Node modules. Drawing from 14 years of open source background, TJ is serving his 6th term on the Open and Free Technology Community Network Operations Committee.

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  • artem-gassan
    Artem Gassan Founder, Whale Path

    Serial entrepreneur with experience in Information Technology, Cloud Computing. Most recently, Artem founded Whale Path, a Marketplace for Business Research where business technology startups can order Market Research & Analysis from a group of qualified postgraduate students. Previously he founded Viestly & World Market Media. A graduate of the Founder Institute Accelerator, Artem is also a Mentor and Board of Advisors to a number of startups as well as the Happy Farm Incubator.

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  • nate-geier
    Nate Geier Owner/Developer, Interactive Balance

    Nate started Interactive Balance in 2009, building custom Learning Management Systems in Flash and PHP for a major international hotel chain launching successfully to over 2,000 hotels. Two years later its parent company wanted the LMS for all 17 major brands worldwide. In early 2012, faced with Flash’s mobile issues, Interactive Balance gambled on the future of Node 0.6 and rewrote everything using Express. The gamble is paying off in spades.

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  • alex-gounares
    Alex Gounares CEO and Founder, Concurix

    Alex Gounares is an accomplished and visionary technology executive. He is the founder and CEO of the Concurix Corporation. When he’s not doing overhead stuff he spends his time coding in Node.js. Previously, Alex served as CTO for AOL, CTO for Microsoft’s Online Services Division, and has done four startups.

  • jonathan-gray
    Jonathan Gray Founder/CEO, Continuuity

    Jon is an early adopter of Apache Hadoop and HBase and is a core contributor and active committer in the open source community. After founding Streamy.com, Jon was at Facebook where he helped drive HBase engineering efforts for massive projects like Facebook Messages. After leaving Facebook, Jon founded Continuuity with a mission to provide all developers access to the power of Hadoop.

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  • eran-hammer
    Eran Hammer Senior Architect, Walmart

    Eran is an open web advocate and active open source developer, leading Walmart’s Node.js efforts. Most recently was the lead author and editor of the OAuth specifications. Previously, founder of Nouncer, an startup building social content distribution technologies, focused on scalability and performance. Eran is an avid farmer, and the owner of three emus all named Kevin.

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  • mani-harihara
    Mani Harihara CXO, Piclr

    After some good years as a Field Engineer with Schlumberger, Mani switched gears to work in technology, building server software at several Bay Area companies like Cisco, Azul and Apple, and is now hooked on node and iOS. His passions are in creating engaging social apps and is currently working on Piclr as a new way of creating and sharing photo animations right from the mobile phone !

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  • jeff-harrell
    Jeff Harrell Director of UI Engineering, PayPal

    An engineer, designer and product innovator, I’ve been making web applications for years and enjoy all aspects from conceptualization and design to the engineering bits which drive them. Simply put, I love creating great experiences. During the day, you can find me at PayPal HQ where I lead UI engineering and the adoption of node.js for our application platform. During the night you’ll usually find me hacking on one of pet projects.

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  • aaron-heckmann
    Aaron Heckmann Tech Lead, Recurly, Inc.

    Aaron is a Tech Lead at Recurly, the automated subscription billing platform and the primary maintainer of Mongoose, an object document mapper for Node.js and MongoDB. Aaron became active in the Node open source community back when promises were still part of node core, founding/selling clickdummy.com (built on Node and MongoDB) in 2010, and followed with great times coding Node for both LearnBoost and MongoDB Inc.

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  • Jeff Hinck B&W
    Jeff Hinck General Partner, Icon Venture Partners

    Jeff began his venture career at Crescendo Ventures & then co-founded Vesbridge Partners. He has been a General Partner with El Dorado Ventures since 2008. Jeff’s past investments include Algety (acquired by Corvis for $2b), Broadsoft (Nasdaq: BSFT), Compellent (acquired by Dell for $960m), IPCell (acquired by Cisco for $150m), iTKO (acquired by CA for $330m), NetCentrex (acquired by Comverse for $165m), NuSpeed (acquired by Cisco for $465m) and Sistina (acquired by Redhat for $40m).

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  • luke-hoban
    Luke Hoban Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

    Luke Hoban is a program manager at Microsoft working on the JavaScript language and development experience. Currently focused on ECMAScript standards, Internet Explorer JavaScript engine standards support, and Windows 8 JavaScript development experience, Luke has previously worked on several other programming languages and developer tools projects at Microsoft, including the Visual Studio Express products, the C# compiler, and the F# programming language and tools.

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  • jason-hoffman
    Jason Hoffman Head of Digital Strategy, Ericsson

    Jason Hoffman is the Head of Digital Strategy at Ericsson. Prior to joining Ericsoon, Jason co-founded Joyent, where as CTO he was responsible for company vision and product execution for almost a decade. Jason taught at the university level for over ten years, is a prolific speaker and author and a highly-regarded expert on scalable systems. He earned a BS and MS from UCLA and a PhD from UCSD.

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  • levente-hollo
    Levente Holló Co-Founder, Rikoru

    I live in Budapest (Hungary), work for Nokia Solutions and Networks as a cloud research engineer. In addition to the corporate sector, I love to work with startups which was a huge learning experience for me. I’m passionate about technology, lately Node.js, Scala, Akka, Play Framework

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  • charles-hudson
    Charles Hudson Partner, SoftTech VC

    Charles Hudson is a Partner with SoftTech VC. He is focusing on mobile and gaming investments, and supporting portfolio companies on business/corporate development. He was also the Co-Founder and CEO of Bionic Panda Games, a mobile games startup. Prior to joining SoftTech VC and co-founding Bionic Panda Games, Charles worked in New Business Development at Google and spent several years working at In-Q-Tel, the strategic venture capital group for the Central Intelligence Agency.


  • valeri-karpov
    Valeri Karpov Kernel Tools Engineer, MongoDB, Inc.

    Valeri Karpov wrote the first blog post about the MEAN stack in April 2013, after using these technologies to build Ascot Project and Bookalokal. He maintains the mean-stack-skeleton github repo and www.meanstack.com. He currently works at MongoDB, where he’s building an internal continuous integration platform. Previously, he was the first CTO of LevelUp, studied theoretical data structures under Professor Robert Tarjan at Princeton, and worked on expediting trade execution at Tower Research Capital.

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  • luke-karrys
    Luke Karrys JavaScript Developer, &yet

    Luke is a passionate and high-quality Node.js and frontend developer at &yet. He lives in the forested mountains of Arizona—and on the Internet.

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  • charlie-key
    Charlie Key CEO, Modulus

    Charlie is Co-founder and CEO of Modulus, a premier Node.js hosting solution. He has spent the last six-years working in the software, where he has help create over a dozen production sites and applications for many of the world’s largest brands.

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  • tj-krusinski
    TJ Krusinski CTO, Shoflo

    TJ is the Co-Founder and CTO of Shoflo, a realtime cue sheet platform for live event production companies. TJ has a background in technical event production having graduated from Full Sail University in Orlando FL and then free lancing in the Orlando event production market. TJ joined Shoflo in 2012 and lead the development from inception to market. SHOFLO is a Node.js based platform.

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  • younik-lee
    Younik Lee Chief Architect, DIRECTV

    Younik is a head architect at Directv.com development. Recently, he led next generation web architecture for high scale and performance platform with the latest and greatest technologies like response web, node.js, play, nosql, API, etc. He also leads building API platform for directv. He is passionate on new technologies to make life easier.

  • james-lim
    James Lim Head of Software & Internet, KeyBanc Capital Markets

    James is the head of the software and internet group at KeyBanc Capital Markets, a wholly-owned subsidiary of KeyCorp which is the 15th largest US bank-based financial services company. He focuses on SaaS, infrastructure and cloud/internet sectors. He has advised on over $14 billion in transactions for technology companies.

  • lori-macvittie
    Lori MacVittie Senior Product Manager Emerging Technologies, F5 Networks

    Lori MacVittie is responsible for education and evangelism across F5’s entire product suite. MacVittie has extensive programming experience as an application architect, as well as network and systems administration expertise. Prior to joining F5, MacVittie was an award-winning technology editor at Network Computing Magazine. She holds a B.S. in Information and Computing Science from the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay, and an M.S. in Computer Science from Nova Southeastern University.

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  • lenny-markus
    Lenny Markus Engineer, PayPal/eBay

    I’m a problem solver at heart. I’ve spent the last two years at PayPal working on a variety of interesting challenges, trying to find elegant solutions that make life easier for others. Favorite Quote: “Perfect is the enemy of Done”

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  • sean-mccullough
    Sean McCullough Engineer, Groupon

    Sean is the engineering lead for the Node.js platform transition at Groupon. Over the last 4 years he’s worked to provide solid technology offerings for product companies and dreams of making it painless and performant to execute new products on the web.

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  • kenny-mcgarvey
    Kenny McGarvey CEO and Developer, Tempo Software, Inc.

    Software consultant by day, developing Tempo Software by night. I started writing timesheet software to make my life as a consultant a little easier. Working with Node.js has been a great learning experience and an inspiring glimpse into the future of building rich web applications.

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  • sebastian-markbage
    Sebastian Markbåge Engineer, Facebook, Inc.

    Sebastian is a Sweden-born engineer, working for Facebook in Menlo Park, California. After many years working on JavaScript, JavaScript tooling, and open source projects like MooTools, he now works on React JS, and is a representative on the ECMAScript working group (TC-39).

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  • oscar-medina
    Oscar Medina Co-Founder and CTO, Dsg.nr

    A seasoned technology executive & entrepreneur, previously at Microsoft Corp., with 16 years experience in full software development life cycle with an array of technologies. Experienced in leading enterprise level projects and teams. Consulting experience in various verticals and major brands including Microsoft, Symantec, AMD, and Bank of America. A multi-platform leader and published author who operates at various levels of product development and design to bring software to life.

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  • erik-meijer
    Erik Meijer CEO, Applied Duality, Inc.

    Erik Meijer (born 18 April 1963, Curaçao) is a Dutch computer scientist and entrepreneur. From 2000 to early 2013 he was a software architect for Microsoft where he headed the Cloud Programmability Team. He then founded Applied Duality Inc in 2013. Before that, he was an associate professor at Utrecht University. He received his Ph.D from Nijmegen University in 1992. Meijer’s research has included the areas of functional programming (particularly Haskell) compiler implementation, parsing, programming language design, XML, and foreign function interfaces. His work at Microsoft included C#, Visual Basic, LINQ, Volta, and the Reactive programming framework (Reactive Extensions) for .NET. In early 2013 Erik Meijer left Microsoft and started Applied Duality Incorporated.

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  • andrew-mello
    Andrew Mello Founder and CEO, Resolver

    Andrew Mello is CEO and Founder of Resolver, a platform for on-demand local services. An entrepreneur since age 13, he went from posting flyers for fixing computers in suburban Connecticut, to building a successful marketing, design and web services business in Paris while attending AUP. Andrew won best app and audience favorite at the Apigee Hackathon for V1 of Resolver. He is also fluent in French and Italian, a licensed pilot, and an avid skier.


  • leo-meyerovich
    Leo Meyerovich Founder, Graphistry

    Leo is launching Graphistry, a startup that enables visualizing million node data sets in today’s web browsers. It builds upon his thesis work at UC Berkeley on parallel acceleration of the browser. He also researched programming language adoption (OOPSLA best paper), the Flapjax language for functional reactive web programming (OOPSLA best paper), and web security. When not running his company and writing high performance JavaScript, he hacks mturk with node.

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  • jim-mittler
    Jim Mittler Principal, Rheosoft

    Jim is founder of Rheosoft, a software and professional services company. Currently serving as lead architect for web services and EAI at BMW of North America, he has twenty years experience designing and implementing real-time messaging solutions.Jim earned his B.S. in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis and lives with his family in the Bay area. On weekends, he can often be found tinkering with his “24 Hours of Lemons” race car.

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  • ashish-muni
    Ashish Muni Head of Mobile & Emerging Platforms, Pearson

    Ashish heads Mobile & Emerging technology at Pearson where he is responsible for the build-out of next-gen ed-tech learning solutions. In the past, he has served in integral roles at start-up as well as Global Fortune 500 companies. Previously, Ashish was the CTO and Head of Mobile Technology for Financial Services at Thomson Reuters. Prior to that, Ashish was the co-founder and CTO of Scanbuy, the leading provider of consumer and enterprise mobile barcode platforms.

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  • irakli-nadareishvili
    Irakli Nadareishvili Director of Engineering, Digital Media, NPR

    Irakli Nadareishvili is Director of Engineering in the Digital Media division of NPR and lead architect of the Public Media Platform: a large-scale Hypermedia API built with Node.js in a public cloud. Prior to NPR Irakli: architected World Bank’s RESTful API, worked with whitehouse.gov and various news/media outlets to help them build online publishing solutions using open-source software.

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  • ullas-naik
    Ullas Naik Founder, Streamlined Ventures

    Ullas is the founder of Streamlined Ventures, a seed stage fund focused on extreme scale businesses. Before Streamlined, Ullas helped build Globespan Capital, a venture capital firm with $1.2Bn under management and along with his partners invested in over 100 companies. He has also been an active angel investor, having invested in over 60 companies. An area of considerable interest for him at present is developing new growth hacks to enable extreme scale in businesses.


  • itay-neeman
    Itay Neeman Dev Manager, Splunk

    Itay runs the Developer Platform team at Splunk, where they try and make it easier for developers to build big-data applications. He didn’t use JavaScript or Node.js until two years ago, but now he can’t seem to escape it!

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  • trevor-norris
    Trevor Norris Node.js Core Maintainer, Mozilla

    Trevor began as a front-end developer who enjoyed working on Node.js in his spare time. While working at Mozilla he was able to dedicate his spare time contributing to Node more seriously. Isaac eventually approached Trevor about asking Mozilla to sponsor him as a full-time core maintainer. Mozilla was enthusiastic about being more involved in the Node community. His time in core is primarily spent running benchmarks and improving performance.

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  • forrest-norvell
    Forrest Norvell Node.js agent engineer, New Relic

    Forrest solves hard problems with Node.js for New Relic. He has been solving other people’s hard problems on the web since 1994 at companies as small as 3-person startups to as large as several hundred person development teams. He likes using the right tool for the job, and thinks Node is that tool a surprisingly large amount of the time.


  • jolie-odell
    Jolie O’Dell Reporter, VentureBeat

    Jolie O’Dell is a daily reporter for VentureBeat, where she writes about software development. She lives in San Francisco with her neckbeard husband and their dog, Lt. Barclay.


  • niall-o-higgins
    Niall O’Higgins Founder, StriderCD

    Niall O’Higgins is founder of FrozenRidge, a Node.JS software company. He is the primary developer of StriderCD, an open source continuous deployment platform. He wrote the O’Reilly book “MongoDB and Python” and is a designated MongoDB Master by MongoDB, Inc. Prior to starting FrozenRidge, he worked at Metaweb (acquired by Google in 2010) where he helped build Freebase.com, a database of all the world’s knowledge.

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  • cian-o-maidin
    Cian O’Maidin CEO, nearForm

    Founder and CEO at nearForm, Europe’s leading Node.js consulting company.nearForm focus on server side projects in Node.js optimising for large-scale Mobile and Hardware applications. Founded in 2012, nearForm have developed and deployed over 30 large scale systems in Node. Cian is a peer-to-peer and data-synchronisation enthusiast, and as a result nearForm have pushed the state-of-the-art in the Node eco-system. Cian is Curator of NodeConf.eu, creator of PeerConf and runs Dublin’s monthly Node meet-up.

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  • scott-oreilly
    Scott O’Reilly Co-Founder, Dash

    Scott co-founded Spider Strategies in 2003, and over the last 10 years has helped grow the company into a major player in the Enterprise Performance Management market. Scott co-founded Spider Strategies in 2003, and over the last 10 years has helped grow the company into a major player in the Enterprise Performance Management market. Dash represents a complete reboot in Scott’s career. Not only is the project being run independently as an incredibly lean startup, but it’s also his first time developing software outside the enterprise market for regular people. He’s completely overwhelmed and having the time of his life.

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  • kiran-prasad
    Kiran Prasad Senior Director, Mobile Engineering, LinkedIn

    Kiran Prasad joined LinkedIn in 2011 and currently leads the company’s mobile efforts, including phone/tablet and server solutions. Throughout his career, Kiran has lead & built industry changing mobile consumer products that help people communicate. Prior to joining LinkedIn, he was Sr Director of Applications at Palm Inc., a leader in mobile OS and device development, where he started and delivered webOS, Palm’s first Windows Phone and was the tech lead for the original Treo.

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  • paul_querna_closeup.png
    Paul Querna Architect, Rackspace

    Paul Querna is an Architect at Rackspace focused on Product Strategy. He has previously held roles at Cloudkick, Joost, and Ask.com. He has also contributed to many open source projects including Node.js and Apache.

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  • mat-ranney
    Matt Ranney CTO, Voxer

    Matt is the CTO of Voxer, one of the largest and busiest node deployments.

    CONNECT WITH MATT: twitter

  • dani-rayan
    Dani Rayan Co-Founder and CTO, CrowdChat

    Dani Abel Rayan is CoFounder/CTO of CrowdChat. He was the founding member of Big-Data team at Riot Games, the maker of League of Legends. He has previously worked with Cloudera, Qualcomm and Cisco. He has committed to various open-source projects. He has published papers in International academic conferences and holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

    CONNECT WITH DANI: twitter linkedin

  • chris-richardson
    Chris Richardson Software Craftsman and Curmudgeon

    Chris Richardson has spent the past 25+ years building applications in a variety of languages: RPG 3, assembler, Pascal, C , Common Lisp, C++, Java, Groovy, Scala, and JavaScript. He passionately believes that every technology has both strengths and weakness. Chris is the author of POJOs in Action and the founder of the original CloudFoundry.com. He has a computer science degree from the University of Cambridge in England and lives in Oakland, CA.

    CONNECT WITH CHRIS: twitter linkedin

  • michael-risse
    Michael Risse Co-Founder, MadEye.io

    Mike Risse was born in Fairbanks, Alaska and studied physics at Carleton College in Minnesota. After graduating he spent 6 months in India before moving to the Bay Area. Over the years he has leveled up from Java to Ruby to NodeJS. In November 2012 Mike cofounded MadEye with James Gill. If he’s not working on MadEye you can probably find him playing ping pong, disc golf or enjoying an IPA.

    CONNECT WITH MICHAEL: twitter linkedin

  • charlie-robbins
    Charlie Robbins CEO and Founder, Nodejitsu

    Veteran of the enterprise software world, Charlie previously worked for Microsoft and consulted at several large financial institutions. Charlie immediately saw the potential of Node.js and founded Nodejitsu in the very early days of the project in 2010. He is a New York native, Open Source evangelist and author of many popular Node.js modules.


  • richard-rodger
    Richard Rodger COO, nearForm

    Richard Rodger is the COO of nearform.com, a Node.js consultancy that builds large-scale systems. Richard is the author of Mobile Application Development in the Cloud (Wiley 2012), and was formerly CTO of feedhenry.com, a mobile applications platform. He is a regular contributor to the Sunday Business Post newspaper in Ireland, and holds degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy, and Computer Science.

    CONNECT WITH RICHARD: twitter linkedin facebook

  • mikeal-rogers
    Mikeal Rogers CTO, Getable

    Curator of NodeConf, creator of request and CTO of Getable.


  • greg-sands
    Greg Sands Founder and Managing Director, Costanoa Venture Capital

    Greg founded Costanoa Venture Capital in 2012 after 13 years at Sutter Hill Ventures. He focuses on SaaS, Analytics, high-velocity enterprise businesses, tools that enable the online economy, and high value consumer services. Prior to Sutter Hill, Greg was Netscape Communications’ first Product Manager after roles in Business Development at Cisco and Consulting at Corporate Decisions. He currently serves on the boards of DemandBase, Guardian Analytics, Inflection, Intacct, LinkSmart, Return Path, Stitch Labs and QuinStreet.

    CONNECT WITH GREG: twitter linkedin facebook

  • matt-savino
    Matt Savino Application Architect, Directv

    Matt Savino is an Application Architect currently designing the nodejs framework for their next-generation responsive site. He has 15 years web development experience with various Java/Javascript stacks, as well as writing several iOS apps. In addition to skunkworks development using bleeding-edge technologies in high-pressure environments – his passions include landscape photography, travel and poker.

    CONNECT WITH MATT: linkedin

  • theo-schlossnagle
    Theo Schlossnagle CEO, OmniTI

    Theo founded OmniTI in 1997. Under his leadership, the company has established itself as the go-to source for organizations facing today’s most challenging scalability, performance, and security problems. A widely respected industry thought leader, Theo is the author of Scalable Internet Architectures (Sams) and a frequent speaker at worldwide it conferences. He was also the principal architect of the Momentum mta, the flagship product of OmniTI’s sister company Message Systems.

    CONNECT WITH THEO: twitter

  • isaac-schlueter
    Isaac Schlueter Node.js Project Lead, Joyent, Inc.

    Isaac began his career in software by failing to get into a decent engineering graduate program, or even a real job, and fell back on the one thing that could provide for him in his time of need: JavaScript. Since then, he has made many educational mistakes, most notably agreeing to take over running the Node.js project when Ryan Dahl moved on.


  • bill-scott
    Bill Scott Senior Director UI Engineering, PayPal

    Sr. Director, UI Engineering, PayPal. Former Netflix head of UIE. UX Thought Leader, Designer, Engineer, Author, Speaker. Y! Pattern Curator. Early Mac game developer (1985), Lean Startup/Lean UX/Lean Engineering advocate.

    CONNECT WITH BILL: twitter linkedin

  • glenn-scott
    Glenn Scott IT / Product Development, Creative Artists Agency

    Glenn Scott leads the application development group for Creative Artists Agency (CAA), where he works with agents and executives to design and operate custom software built on a Node-based stack. Glenn is focused on the challenge of using simple, design-centered approaches for allowing teams with tight resource constraints to build in-house software competence and “fight above their weight class.” Glenn formerly worked at Microsoft, where he managed enterprise consulting, support, and developer evangelism teams.


  • daniel-shaw
    Daniel Shaw Managing Partner and CEO, The Node Firm

    Daniel D. Shaw (dshaw) leads the The Node Firm which provides strategic consulting, training and support for Node.js efforts for businesses worldwide. He has extensive experience building large-scale, realtime systems with Node.js and has been building production services using Node since v0.2. Daniel is a frequent speaker at Node.js, JavaScript and Realtime conferences, the host of the NodeUp podcast and the organizer of events like International NodeBots Day and the NodeBots SF meetup.

    CONNECT WITH DANIEL: twitter linkedin

  • mike-shim
    Michael Shim Senior Staff Engineer, HBO

    Mike Shim runs the HBO GO services development team where they are currently migrating several of their services over to Node. Prior to HBO, Mike worked at Zynga on some of the back end services and at Microsoft where he worked on .NET.


  • isreal-shortman
    Isreal Shortman Software Engineer, Directv

    Isreal Shortman is a software engineer. Loves the challenges and problem solving from the front-end to server-side stack. Currently with Directv DLab innovation team and hacking way with nodejs technology for rapid prototyping.

  • aaron-silvas
    Aaron Silvas Software Architect, GoDaddy

    A technologist with over 16 years product development experience, Aaron thrives on solving very difficult problems with the simplest of solutions. Having designed and developed dozens of systems from cradle to grave, ranging from web applications and services, to manufacture automation, to mission critical telecommunications systems, Aaron brings as much product and industry know-how to the job as he does software expertise.

    CONNECT WITH AARON: twitter linkedin facebook

  • cj-silverio
    CJ Silverio Web Team Lead, Black Pearl Systems

    C J Silverio has been enjoying Silicon Valley startups since the early 90s, most notably at early smartphone maker Danger. She is currently leading a team of Javascript engineers at a stealth startup, where Node.js is coexisting with more traditional JVM-platform enterprise development.

    CONNECT WITH CJ: twitter linkedin

  • patrick-steele-idem
    Patrick Steele-Idem Senior Platform Architect, eBay Inc.

    Patrick is an engineer at eBay, JavaScript enthusiast and open source advocate. He is currently the lead developer of CubeJS, eBay’s latest web development stack built on top of Node.js. CubeJS aims to improve developer productivity while also providing a robust and high performance stack that integrates with eBay infrastructure. Patrick is also the creator of RaptorJS, an end-to-end JavaScript toolkit for building adaptive modules and UI components.

    CONNECT WITH PATRICK: twitter linkedin

  • mariano-suarez-battan
    Mariano Suarez Battan CEO, Mural.ly

    Mariano Suarez Battan (aka Bat), is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mural.ly, an online collaboration app that helps distributed creative teams work in remote designer war rooms in research, ideation and design. Ask him about what’s coming at the event. Founded and created games at Three Melons, a game studio turned game publisher. Bola was its hit with more than 20 million players. The company was acquired by Playdom/Disney in 2010.

    CONNECT WITH MARIANO: twitter linkedin facebook

  • giles-tamplin
    Giles Tamplin Software Engineer, DIRECTV

    Giles is a front-end engineer, real-time web evangelist, and a fan of all things Javascript. He’s currently deploying node.js on an enterprise level at DirecTV. In his free time, you’ll probably find him hacking on one of his (many) personal projects or cruising the beaches of Southern California.


  • al-tsang
    Al Tsang CTO and Co-Founder, StrongLoop, Inc.

    Al Tsang is a Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of StrongLoop where he is the lead architect of LoopBack, the open source mBaaS, in addition to leading overall product direction and development. Al was formerly VP of Architecture and Platform Engineering at Shutterfly where he architected Shutterfly’s next-gen web-scale platform and mobile backend. Al later inherited Shutterfly eCommerce engineering and was responsible for the business critical ecommerce platform powering over $500M in revenue.

    CONNECT WITH AL: twitter linkedin facebook

  • tim-thimmaiah
    Tim Thimmaiah CEO and Founder, ToneDen

    Tim thrives on the frontier of technology and science. He drives for exceptional design in software and user experience to help make people’s lives easier. Automation is the future, minimalism is the key.

    CONNECT WITH TIM: twitter linkedin facebook

  • steve-tuck
    Steve Tuck General Manager, Joyent Cloud

    Steve Tuck leads a team dedicated to helping many top companies in media, entertainment, and gaming achieve scale through the use of Joyent’s public cloud offering. Prior to joining Joyent, Steve spent 9 years at Dell where he rapidly expanded the channel business, developed the Web 2.0 offering, and led Dell’s involvement in the Facebook’s developer program launch. Steve attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison where he earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics and Political Science.

    CONNECT WITH STEVE: twitter linkedin

  • manish-vachharajani
    Manish Vachharajani Senior Architect, F5 Networks

    Manish Vachharajani is a Senior Architect at F5 Networks focused onthe LineRate product and integration of LineRate technology in F5′s products. Manish came to F5 through the acquisition of LineRate Systems, a software networking company, where Manish served as Founder, CTO, and later Chief Architect. Prior to founding LineRate
    Systems, Manish spent a decade studying software performance. His work has been recognized by best paper awards and support from leading technology companies.

    CONNECT WITH MANISH: twitter linkedin

  • peter-vanhardenberg
    Peter van Hardenberg VP of Product, Heroku

    Peter is a long-time member of the Heroku team. While today he manages the Languages group that ensures the Node.JS experience on Heroku is excellent, he’s answered more pages and support tickets than he can remember, and has been to blame for a wide variety of teams and products over the last few years. Before Heroku, Peter’s checkered past ranged across open-source desktop media players, scholarly Shakespearean texts, hand-held game development, and oceanographic field research.


  • sridatta-viswanath
    Sri Viswanath SVP Engineering and Operations, Groupon

    Sri Viswanath has been Groupon’s Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations since April 2013. Prior to joining Groupon, he served as VP of research and development for mobile computing at VMware. Prior to VMware, he was SVP of Engineering at Glam Media and general manager of its publisher products group. Sri received his Bachelors from Bangalore University in India, his Masters in Computer Science from Clemson, and Masters in Management from Stanford.

    CONNECT WITH SRI: twitter linkedin

  • steve-ward
    Steve Ward Founder and CEO, Love Lab

    Host and Executive Producer of VH1 Tough Love. Founder of Love Lab®. CEO of Master Matchmakers®. Author of Crash Course in Love.


  • ben-wen
    Ben Wen VP Product Marketing, Joyent

    Ben is Joyent’s VP Product Marketing. Joyent is the high-performance cloud infrastructure provider and the corporate sponsor of Node.js. He was most recently VP of Marketing, BD, and Sales at MongoLab, a leading MongoDB-as-a-Service provider. Previously he was Product Manager for IBM WebSphere, focused on DataPower SOA Appliances and Messaging Security. Ben was also co-founder of ThinkFish Productions, who developed and sold a non-photorealistic 3D rendering engine. Ben has an EECS SB degree from MIT.

    CONNECT WITH BEN: twitter linkedin

  • jeffrey-wescott
    Jeffrey Wescott Co- Founder and CEO, Giving Stage

    Jeffrey believes in beautiful design, lean thinking, and agile development. Before starting Giving Stage, Jeffrey was the VP of Product and Engineering at Change.org. An entrepreneur at his core, Jeffrey has spent nearly his entire career building startups. He holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Bucknell University.

    CONNECT WITH JEFFREY: twitter linkedin facebook

  • kevin-whinnery
    Kevin Whinnery Developer Evangelist, Twilio

    Kevin is a front-end hacker and developer evangelist for Twilio. Kevin can usually be found working on rich clients in the browser, or native mobile apps for iOS and Android. He also likes server-side JavaScript, and is the author and maintainer of Twilio’s official helper library for node.js.

    CONNECT WITH KEVIN: twitter linkedin

  • todd-wolfson
    Todd Wolfson Engineer, Uber

    Mathemagician turned JavaScript developer and open source enthusiast. Todd has released over 60 original node modules, ranging from grunt tasks to common web utilities.

    CONNECT WITH TODD: twitter

  • stephen-woods
    Stephen Woods Senior Engineering Manager, Yahoo

    Stephen Woods is a Senior Engineering Manager at Flickr. He has been developing user interfaces for the web since the end of the last century. He has worked at Yahoo! since 2006. Before Flickr he developed JavaScript platforms that supported the Yahoo! Home page and worked on the UI team at Yahoo! Personals.

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