Prior Speakers

For Node Summit 2017, we’re putting together another fantastic roster of individuals who represent a broad spectrum of companies working with Node.js and within the Node.js ecosystem.

If you have an idea for a talk, submit a NodeTalk proposal.  And if you have a topic you’d like to make sure we cover during the conference, send us a tweet @NodeSummit.

In the meantime, take a take a look at the individuals who shared their insights and experience at last year’s Node Summit.

  • Reza Akhavan Engineer, Mozilla

    Reza is an engineer at Mozilla working on the Connected Devices team. Reza is a co-organizer of NodeSchool San Francisco. Reza is a nice guy. Reza likes Node.js.

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  • Adam Baldwin Founder, Node Security

    Adam founded the Node Security Project 3 years ago & hasn’t stopped trying to make security a core value of the node community since then. In his free time Adam enjoys doing basically the exact same stuff he does for work, also raising chickens, and spending as much time as possible with his wife and 2 children.

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  • Chris Bailey Runtime Technologies Developer, IBM

    Chris is a developer and technical leader in the Runtime Technologies team at IBM. There he leads teams contributing to the open source communities for Node.js, Java and Swift. His current focus areas are in performance, concurrency, monitoring and diagnostics, and he is also the technical lead for the Node Application Metrics (‘appmetrics’) monitoring project.

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  • Justin Beckwith Product Manager, Google

    Justin is a Product Manager, web developer, and geek dad working on the developer experience for Google Cloud. He loves curly braces, speaks at events, and rocks out on the ukulele. Before joining Google, he filled various developer and architect roles with startups, healthcare companies, and universities. He blogs at and twitters as @justinbeckwith.

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  • David Belo Technical Lead, McLaren Applied Technologies

    David Belo is technical lead for McLaren Applied Technologies based out of San Francisco. Throughout his international career, his technical focus has been in model-based design, analysis, and control of dynamic systems. At McLaren, he has been involved in a variety of high-performance projects, including the development and operation of the company’s driver-in-the-loop (DIL) Formula One simulator as well as external projects in elite cycling, oil and gas and renewable energy.


  • Myles Borins Node.js Collaborator, IBM

    Myles Borins is a developer, musician, artist, and inventor he works for IBM spending most of his time contributing to the node.js ecosystem.


  • Daniel Brain Lead Engineer, Checkout, PayPal

    Daniel has been an engineer at PayPal since 2012, specializing in Node, Python, and client-side Javascript. He helped lead the original team in rebuilding PayPal’s front-tier checkout flows in Node.js in, and the following year led a team in re-architecting the flow into a stateless Node api server and Angular app. This year he has been splitting out the work done on PayPal Checkout into a set of open source modules and components.

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  • Max Bruning Lead Performance Engineer, Joyent

    Max Bruning is a lead performance engineer in the support organization within Joyent. In addition to troubleshooting performance issues and other bugs, Max is responsible for technical training. Prior to this role within Joyent, Max worked on the port of kvm from Linux to SmartOS. He has been working with Unix since 1976, and has spent time in all parts of the software stack. He really likes debugging, almost as much as teaching.

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  • Reid Burke Senior Software Engineer, Yahoo

    Reid (@reid) is a Christian software engineer who enjoys finding creative use of technology to serve people. He has served Yahoo for 8 years, during which he has contributed to Yahoo’s web products and developer tools. He currently works on improving Yahoo account login using Node.js. Previously, Reid worked with Node and Docker on Yahoo’s continuous delivery system. Outside Yahoo, Node automates Reid’s home and the live video transcoder for his church.

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  • Brandon Cannaday CPO, Losant

    Brandon Cannaday is the co-founder and chief product officer for Losant. He’s a champion of technology and innovator in the field of developer platforms. Prior to Losant, Brandon was co-founder and CTO for Modulus. He’s extremely passionate about solving problems and building solutions specifically for developers. Brandon regularly speaks at industry conferences and community events on IoT, programming languages and developer tools.

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  • Chris Castle Developer Advocate, Heroku

    Chris is (your) Developer Advocate at Heroku. He likes coding with Node.js and Ruby and thrives on enabling others. In the past, he has been a hardware hacker, product manager, and data analyst. Outside of computers, he explores the mountains around Seattle on his mountain bike and skis and has been a Ski Patroller, taught Avalanche Safety classes, and coached cycling teams.

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  • Arunesh Chandra Sr. Program Manager @ChakraCore, Microsoft

    Arunesh Chandra is a Senior Program Manager on the Chakra Team at Microsoft. Apart from extending Node.js using ChakraCore, he is also working on supporting fresh community perspectives like VM Neutrality for Node.js and bringing innovative diagnostic tooling like Time-Travel Debugging to Node developers.


  • Sara Chipps CEO, Jewelbots

    Sara Chipps is a JavaScript developer based in NYC. She has been working on Software and the Open Source Community since 2001. She’s been obsessed with hardware and part of since 2012. She is the CEO of, a company dedicated towards drastically changing the number of girls entering STEM fields using hardware.

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  • Matteo Collina Architect, nearForm

    Dr. Matteo Collina is a Software Architect at nearForm, where he consults for the top brands in world. Matteo is also the author of the Node.js MQTT Broker, Mosca, the fast logger Pino and of the LevelGraph database. He helps maintaining dgram and stream modules of Node.js. Matteo spoke at several international conferences: Node.js Interactive,, NodeSummit, LXJS, Distill by Engine Yard, and JsDay to name a few.

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  • Danese Cooper Distinguished Member Technical Staff, PayPal

    An American programmer, computer scientist, and open source software advocate, Danese has been a leader in the tech sector for many years. She managed teams at Symantec and Apple Inc. and for 6 years was Chief Open Source Evangelist for Sun Microsystems. She subsequently served as Senior Open Source Strategies at Intel. She advised the R community at REvolution Computing, served as CTO at Wikimedia Foundation, and currently works as PayPal’s Head of Open Source.


  • Michael Dawson Senior Software Developer, IBM

    Michael Dawson is an active contributor to Node.js and CTC member and has contributed many of the changes to enable support for Linux on Power, LinuxOne and AIX. He leads the Node.js team within IBM’s runtime technologies group, driving IBM’s Node.js runtime deliveries and the team’s contributions to Node.js and v8 within the Node and google communities. In his spare time he uses Node.js to automate his home and life for fun.

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  • Chetan Desai DevOps Architect, Intuit

    Chetan Desai is a DevOps Architect at Intuit. Chetan leads the build & deployment architecture for Intuit’s Consumer Tax Group. The DevOps group enables product teams to focus on delivering awesome features to our customers through reliable build & deployment infrastructure. He loves the thrill of solving different problems everyday in an environment of changing technologies. Recently, he has been focused on Node.js and world-class AWS deployment architectures.

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  • Chanda Dharap Program Director, IBM

    Chanda is a Development leader, leading engineering teams and technical product management in emerging technologies. She is passionate about startups, and similar high energy environments, and has spent several years managing solutions in open source, Node.js stack. Previously at StrongLoop, now at IBM, Chanda manages teams and solutions to power the API economy. When not at her day job, she thrives on bringing balance to life by working on urban farming projects, including raising chickens.

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  • Sandeep Dinesh Developer Advocate, Google

    Sandeep started coding and creating websites when he was 12 and hasn’t stopped. He is passionate about building easy-to-use products people love. Before Google, he founded an IoT startup in agriculture and developed educational HTML5 games. At Google, Sandeep’s goal is to make cloud easy and help developers create the next big thing. Sandeep loves video games, making music, and martial arts, and has Bachelors in Marketing and Computer Science.


  • Adam Eivy Developer Solutions Architect, The Walt Disney Company

    As a Developer Solutions Architect, Adam spends a lot of time architecting solutions for developers. He is passionate about making it easy for developers to do The Right Thing™. When he isn’t writing development tools and microservices in Node.js, he draws people on the bus and officiates roller derby in Seattle.

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  • Collin Estes Director of Software Engineering, MRI Technologies Inc.

    Collin Estes is the Director of Software Engineering for MRI Technologies in Houston TX. Collin has been leading the software engineering for NASA’s EMU spacesuit contract at Johnson Space Center since 2008. In 2014, Collin and the MRI Dev Team started architecting and implementing NASA’s first Node.js enterprise architecture for the agency’s ExtraVehicular Activity (EVA) Office. Beyond EVA, Collin works to promote open source and collaboration across NASA.


  • Stephen Fluin Developer Advocate, Google

    Stephen is a Developer Advocate on the Angular Team at Google. Stephen works to solve real world problems faced by developers and businesses, and to represent the needs of the community within the Angular team.


  • Alex Grigoryan Director of Software Engineering, Application Platform, @WalmartLabs

    Alex Grigoryan leads the Application Platform team at @WalmartLabs’ Customer Experience, responsible for the customer facing technical innovation strategy and the framework powering the web and mobile experiences across and it’s subsidiaries. Building platforms at scale, he focuses on reusability, performance and security while leveraging the latest technologies. Prior to @WalmartLabs, Alex headed the team in charge of building the new generation checkout experience at PayPal.

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  • Tim Gross Product Manager, Joyent

    Tim Gross is a product manager for Joyent and lead developer of ContainerPilot. Tim previously ran operations at a streaming media startup, where he and his scrappy team ran Docker in production to serve a few million fans their daily dose of kdramas, documentaries, and gross-out horror. In a previous life, Tim was an architect (buildings, not software). He took the leap into tech after he discovered he could automate away everything boring in life.

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  • Jacob Groundwater Engineering Manager, New Relic

    Jacob works at New Relic as an Engineering Manager and previously as a Senior Engineer on the Product Research team. Jacob is passionate about Node, containers, product design, and the art of developing modern software.


  • Tracy Hinds Education Community Manager, Node Foundation

    Tracy is the Node.js Foundation Education Community Manager by day, and a JavaScript Engineer scheming about the next conference ​she’s​ organizing outside of work by most other hours—she loves people as much as code. ​When not baking, rock climbing, or wandering the city, ​you can find ​her​​ at one of the amazing meetups in NYC. If you’re building tech communities that are supportive to all walks of life, ​she’​d love to speak with you!

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  • Bryan Hughes SDEII, Microsoft

    Bryan Hughes is a Node.js engineer at Microsoft. Bryan is the creator of Raspi IO, a Raspberry Pi plugin for the Johnny-Five JavaScript robotics library. He also runs the NodeBots SF robotics meetup in San Francisco. Bryan is an active member of the Node.js Inclusivity Working Group and the Node.js Technical Steering Committee. Outside of tech, Bryan is an amateur photographer, a once upon a time pianist, and a wine aficionado.


  • Ben Ilegbodu Senior UI Engineer, Eventbrite

    Ben is a Christian, a husband and a father with over 10 years of experience developing for the Web. He currently is a Senior UI Engineer on Eventbrite’s Frontend Platform team. On the side, Ben also enjoys playing basketball, watching movies, and blogging ( / tweeting (@benmvp) about his experiences with new web development technologies.

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  • Daniel Khan Technology Strategist, Dynatrace

    Daniel has over 15 years experience as a full stack developer, architect and technical lead in the field of web engineering proving his strong problem solving skills in hundreds of projects. He is passionate about constant learning, using new technologies and sharing his findings with others. As a technology strategist, Daniel focuses on driving support for emerging technologies like Node.js and MongoDB at Dynatrace.

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  • Stacy Kirk Founder and CEO, QualityWorks Consulting Group/

    As a software QA architect, agile coach, and programmer, Stacy Kirk has championed for quality and process innovation in software development for over 20 years. She’s the founder and CEO of QualityWorks Consulting Group and Her international consulting firm provides manual and automated testing services of web and mobile applications. Her highly technical team of consultants specialize in designing Continuous Integration (CI) automation frameworks for performance, database, API, and mobile test efficiency.

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  • Jeremiah Lee Web API Technical Product Owner, Fitbit

    Jeremiah Lee is the Fitbit Web API technical product owner in San Francisco. He led the development of Fitbit’s integration with Strava and IFTTT using Node.js. When he’s not helping make the world a healthier place through technology, he’s usually hiking or biking somewhere that needs better LTE coverage.

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  • Alex Liu Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

    Alex is an engineer that is passionate about building great user experiences on the open web stack. While he has spent his entire career writing JavaScript, he is continually surprised by all the creative and innovative ways in which the community leverages the language. Alex is currently an engineer on the UI Platform team at Netflix, driving and shaping the evolution of the Node.js platform across the company.

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  • Steven Loomis Unicode Software Engineer, IBM

    Steven R. Loomis, a long-time member of IBM’s Global Foundations Technology Team, is Technical Lead for the ICU4C, IBM’s primary representative to Unicode-TC and chair of the ULI-TC. He was a cofounder of the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) project. Past speaking engagements include JavaOne, the Unicode conferences, the IMUG users’s group, and the Localization Certification Program of CSU Chico, as well as internal IBM events. His hobbies include Maltese language advocacy.

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  • Azat Mardan Tech Fellow, Capital One

    Azat is a Technology Fellow at Capital One, and a JavaScript/Node.js expert with several online courses and 12 books published on the topic, including best-sellers React Quickly (Manning, 2016), Full Stack JavaScript (Apress, 2015), Practical Node.js (Apress, 2014) and Pro Express.js (Apress, 2014). In his spare time, Azat writes about tech on, speaks at conferences, teaches at and contributes to open-source.

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  • Joe McCann CEO, NodeSource

    Joe McCann is cofounder and CEO of NodeSource, the Enterprise Node Company providing the only commercial Node.js runtime, N|Solid while also offering expert professional services. With more than 16 years of web, mobile and software development experience, Joe has worked with myriad Fortune 500 companies helping them build usable products. Joe is a frequent speaker on the global conference circuit, actively promoting emerging technologies and relevant business use cases to bring pragmatism to futurism.

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  • Gergely Nemeth CEO, RisingStack

    Gergely Nemeth is the CEO and Co-founder of RisingStack, and working on Trace that makes Node.js and microservices monitoring and debugging easier. When not working on Trace, he is a passionate web security advocate. Loves running and a good coffee.


  • Trevor Norris Node.js Maintainer, NodeSource

    Trevor is an open source developer at NodeSource and member of Node’s Core Technical Committee. He started in client-side development, but after a number of years decided a reprieve was necessary. Wanting to put his JavaScript skills to use elsewhere, he jumped into Node. These days Trevor spends his time improving Node’s internal mechanics, enhancing performance and reviewing contributions from other community members.

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  • Cian Ó Maidín CEO, nearForm

    Computer scientist turned entrepreneur. Co-founder and CEO of nearForm – the largest Node.js consulting company in the world. nearForm has helped some of the biggest corporations in the world to adopt and be successful with Node.js. Curator of Node Conf Eu. Passionate about community, likes a strong cup of coffee.

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  • Mícheál Ó Foghlú CTO Red Hat Mobile, Red Hat

    Mícheál leads the mobile engineering team in Red Hat — Red Hat’s Mobile Application Platform runs on the OpenShift PaaS. Prior to this he was the co-founder and CTO of FeedHenry which was acquired by Red Hat in October 2014. Prior to that he was Executive Director Research and co-founder of the TSSG, an R&D Center in Waterford Institute of Technology. He is passionate about enterprise mobility, scripting languages, and next generation networking architectures.

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  • Charlie Ozinga Senior Software Engineer, Cloud Elements

    Charlie has over 20 years of development experience. With a BS and MS from School of Mines; Development in Perl, C++, Java, Objective-C, and Javascript. A proponent of Node, Charlie has helped integrate Node into tooling at Cloud Elements. Charlie helped build Ground2Cloud, a top-to-bottom Node-based networking utility that has become one of Cloud Elements’s major products.

  • Guy Podjarny Co-Founder and CEO, Snyk

    Guy Podjarny (@guypod) is CEO & cofounder at focusing on securing the Node.js and npm world. Guy was previously CTO at Akamai, founded (acquired by Akamai), helped build the first web app firewall & security code analyzer, and was in the Israeli army cyber units. Guy is a frequent conference speaker, the author (via O’Reilly) of “Responsive & Fast”, “High Performance Images” and an upcoming open source security book.

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  • Mikeal Rogers Community Manager, Node.js Foundation

    Creator of NodeConf, JSFest, and request. I’ve been heavily involved in the Node.js community since it was released in 2009.


  • Emily Rose Lead Developer Evangelist, Salesforce

    Emily Rose is a transhumanist with a passion for queer cyborg artistry. They are currently experimenting with ambient intelligence, adaptive automation, and evolving interfaces. Emily is a world-class speaker who has brought humor and enlightenment to audiences across the globe. Original NodeBots curator, founder of DanceJS, and one of the most interesting individuals in the known universe; Emily is an unnatural force of pure, unbridled creativity.

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  • Daniel Rosenwasser Program Manager, Microsoft

    Daniel is the program manager for the TypeScript language, and previously worked as an engineer on that same team. He has a passion for programming languages and great tooling.


  • Ben Sabrin VP Sales and Strategy, NodeSource

    Ben Sabrin loves working with great people building open source software companies. Previous to joining NodeSource he has held leadership positions at JBoss (acquired by Red Hat), MongoDB, ObjectRocket by Rackspace and At JBoss along with a fantastic team, Ben was instrumental in building the Open Source business model. He has seen Open Source grow up over the last 15 years and loves the innovation being supported by open source software.

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  • Jigesh Saheba VP, Product Development, ADP

    Jigesh Saheba is the VP of Product Development and Chief Architect at ADP Innovation Labs. He led the design and delivery of enterprise-scale platforms using Node.JS for ADP Mobile Solutions and ADP Marketplace. He is known for innovation, technical leadership and delivering cutting-edge business solutions.

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  • Chris Saint-Amant Director, UI Engineering, Netflix

    Chris is a technology leader and software architect with more than 16 years of consulting and product development experience. Experienced in both design and engineering, he has done everything from usability testing and user interface design to web/mobile app development and service integration. At Netflix, Chris leads the UI engineering team responsible for growth and user acquisition across phones, tablets, web and TVs. ​

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  • Bruno Sanches Software Engineer, PayPal

    Bruno is a Software Engineer and does all things node.js at PayPal. He did a lot of PHP and jQuery in Drupal before completely focusing in JavaScript and is always learning with the UNIX philosophy. Tooling and test freak, functional programming enthusiast, passionate programmer and a coffee addict.


  • Theo Schlossnagle CEO and Founder, Circonus

    Theo founded Circonus in 2010, and continues to be its principal architect. Theo earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Johns Hopkins University in computer science. He founded OmniTI, the go-to source for organizations facing today’s challenging scalability, performance and security problems. A respected industry thought leader, Theo is the author of Scalable Internet Architectures (Sams) and a frequent speaker at worldwide IT conferences. Theo resides in Maryland with his wife and three daughters.

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  • Jeremy Schroetter Senior Director, Engineering, Qualcomm Life

    Jeremy leads teams designing and delivering Internet of Medical Things software and hardware solutions at Qualcomm Life. Jeremy trained as a biomedical engineer at Case Western Reserve University and has worked with medical device and healthcare technology, is passionate about Agile, wireless connectivity and healthcare systems development. Jeremy resides in San Diego and enjoys family, motorcycles and travel.

  • Doron Segal Engineering Manager, OpenTable

    I’ve started my carrier in application security doing PT and malware research later on I realize that I prefer building application than breaking them. So I’ve join some startups first I try to stream 4K and 16K video after a little while I try helping people to find the hottest place to party, eat and drink by aggregating social network data. Today I’m at OpenTable manage a team we’re using Node.JS (docker on Mesos).


  • Dmytro Semenov Member of Technical Staff, eBay

    Dmytro is a member of technical staff and works in cloud infrastructure and platform services team at eBay. For the past 13 years Dmytro has participated in multiple transformations of eBay platform stack and currently is leading NodeJS platform development at eBay. In addition to work related tasks his current interests include building micro service frameworks, machine learning and making sense of the world around.

  • Dan Shaw CTO, NodeSource

    Dan Shaw (dshaw) is Co-Founder and CTO of NodeSource, the Enterprise Node Company, and is dedicated to helping improve and grow the Node Community. He is a veteran of numerous Node.js startups including Voxer, Spreecast and Storify. Dan has extensive experience building large-scale, realtime systems with Node.js and has been building production services using Node since v0.2. Dan is a frequent speaker, host of the NodeUp podcast and organizer of events like SFNode and EnterpriseJS.

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  • Irina Shestak Development Team Lead, Small Media Foundation

    tl;dr javascript, wombats and hot takes. The not so short: Irina is a London via Vancouver software developer. They spend quite a bit of their time exploring the outdoors, gushing over trains, and reading some Beatniks.


  • Naresh Sikha Enterprise Architect, StubHub

    Naresh is an Enterprise Architect at StubHub and an outdoor enthusiast. Naresh focuses on technologies in or near the front end and enjoys helping his colleagues deliver awesome products. Prior to joining StubHub, Naresh developed and architected for startups and financial services firms.

  • Amanda Silver Director of Program Management, Microsoft

    Amanda is a Director of PM for Microsoft’s Developer Division. She was a primary designer on LINQ which incorporates query expressions and XML as a first-class types in .NET. In 2009, she started working on Chakra, the JavaScript engine that powers Edge. In 2012, her team launched TypeScript – a cross-platform, typed, superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. Her team also delivers the Visual Studio platform and Visual Studio Code.

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  • Star Simpson Electronics Designer, Circuit Classics

    Star Simpson is an electronics designer who creates products which inspire and delight and are beautiful and useful. She is fascinated by the practice and study of compressing experiences and personality into physical objects. Her previous work includes research on robotics, work in drones, and a card-sized electrical reference circuit board (for electronics company Octopart) now carried in the wallets of electrical engineers everywhere.

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  • Josh Steverson Lead Application Developer, ADP

    Josh is a lead developer and JavaScript enthusiast with ADP Marketplace. Josh is focused on everything JavaScript including robust backend service architecture and innovative client architecture to meet the demands of modern integration platform.

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  • Sabin Thomas VP Engineering, Codiscope

    Sabin Thomas is the VP of Engineering at Codiscope. Sabin directs all the engineering, devOps, support and quality efforts for innovative products that help developers build and secure code faster. He has over a decade of experience in managing and architecting high throughput transactional systems in Enterprise software, eCommerce, Search, Advertising and Developer Tools. Sabin holds an M.S in Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Sabin is a huge proponent of Node.js.

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  • Rich Trott Director of The Center for Knowledge Management, UC San Francisco

    Rich is a contributor to Node.js and a software engineering generalist. He leads a small department at the UCSF Library, which means he will not try to sell you anything. If you are ever hacking on Node.js anywhere near the UCSF Parnassus Campus, you should hit him up on Twitter.

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  • Rebecca Turner Cli Engineer, npm

    Rebecca Turner is one of three members of the npm cli team. She was the primary author of the revisions that led to npm version 3. Before working for npm, she did everything from starting an ISP to making last minute changes to software in a basement of the Kuwait Stock Exchange, to writing software for a gay hookup site. She’s a very recent transplant to the bay area, previously calling Massachusetts and Maine home.


  • Rod Vagg Chief Node Officer, NodeSource

    Rod Vagg is Chief Node Officer at NodeSource and chair of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee (TSC). He spends most of his time working to keep the project moving forward and ensuring its governance structures put the future of Node.js into the hands of its users.

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  • Moshe Vainer Software Architect, F5 Networks

    In over 25 years in the industry, Moshe has been in all disciplines: System Administration, Hardware, Databases, Software Development, Architecture and Management. Recently, Moshe was chief architect at a startup that built public cloud for DRAAS. From soldering iron through software his passion has always been building robust technology while working with great people. Today, he is Software Architect with F5 Networks responsible for Programmability, making great F5 Networking products extensible, orchestrable and programmable.

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  • Rachel White Front End Engineer, IBM Watson

    Rachel is a self-taught Front End Engineer for IBM Watson. She is currently working on multiple video game projects, a VR cat cafe, and thinking about what IoT devices she can build for her two black cats. Her other interests include glitch art, 80s horror, and indie games.


  • Yunong Xiao Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

    Yunong is a senior software engineer at Netflix in Los Gatos, CA. He also maintains the Node.js framework restify. He has spent stints of his career at AWS and Joyent, respectively, where he worked on distributed systems and helped launch several cloud computing products. He is especially proud of AWS IAM and Manta, two projects that I helped shape and build. These days he is building a service platform with Node.js and Docker at Netflix.


See you at Node Summit 2017!