Node Summit - July 26-27, 2017

Node Summit, the largest conference focused exclusively on Node.js and “The Ecosystem of Node”, brings together the experts and thought leaders you and your customers will want to hear from, as well as the key decision-makers from companies who should be your customers.  The 800-1000 attendees and speakers at Node Summit 2017 will include: tech executives, business leaders, Node enthusiasts, engineers and investors, and some of the best Node.js engineers in the world who are looking for the next company they want to join.


The dates for the next Node Summit 2017 are set!  Join us July 26-27, 2017 at Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco to hear from business leaders and technology experts as they discuss Node.js’ transformative role in the future of computing.

We will continue the tradition of kicking off, on July 25th, with Day Zero.  The always-popular and unique invite-only format of Day Zero provides a limited set of attendees access to additional talks, workshops, and educational sessions, as well as more opportunities to network with the Node.js community and thought leaders.

We’ll be announcing more details in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, don’t miss this opportunity to Register and take advantage of our early pricing, and to guarantee your spot at Node Summit’s Day Zero on July 25th

If you have an idea for a talk, submit a NodeTalk proposal.  And if you have a topic you’d like to make sure we cover during the conference, send us a tweet @NodeSummit.

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